Aggie Tech Tips

Originally published by 12th Man Technology.

As our world continues to shift to internet-based education, technology is becoming an increasingly important asset for college students. Check out these five tech tips so you can thrive while pursuing your degree. 

1. Know what device fulfills your major requirements. 

 At Texas A&M University, each college require specific devices based on major. These specifications are set by the instructors to ensure that students have the correct technology to run the software their coursework requires. Students can refer to our Shop by Major tab to see which devices fulfill their college’s requirements and compare different models to determine what fits their needs and preference. 

2. Protect your device. 

Nothing is worse than having unexpected computer issues. In college, most of your coursework will be online, so protecting your device is important. Accidental damages and theft happen more than you expect, whether it’s spilled coffee, a water drop, or you left your device unattended, investing in a protection plan can save you hundreds. For more information on our protection plans such as Safeware, AppleCare, and others, click here. 

3. Take advantage of note-taking apps. 

Taking handwritten notes is a thing of the past. Instead of carrying notebooks in addition to your device, you can use note-taking apps to write down key things from your classes. As for devices you can take notes on, we sell Microsoft Surface products, Dell two-in-ones, and Apple iPads. Some popular note-taking apps commonly used on tablets are Noteworthy, OneNote, and Notion.  

4. Use digital planners and to-do lists. 

Time management skills are critical in college; you’re responsible for keeping track of your classes, assignments, and events. Online tools like Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Outlook Calendar, and Apple Calendar can help you organize your responsibilities and keep track of day-to-day activities. Using Apple Calendar, you can set up your event with a reminder that will notify all of your Apple devices, create color-coordinated calendars, and add attachments. 

5. Back up your computer regularly. 

Throughout the year, students will work on numerous assignments and projects, all of which are saved on their computers. No matter what device, there is always the possibility that your computer could crash, so it’s important to back up your computer to a cloud or an external hard drive to ensure you don’t lose any of your hard work.